+How can I register as exhibitor?

If you want to register as an exhibitor, please use the online registration form. This form offers more information regarding every question.

+Do I receive a confirmation after registering?

If you registered, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password to log onto the participant environment.

+I did not enter the right information, is it possible to amend this?

If you log onto the participant environment, you can amend some of your information and add a logo, text or photo. It is also possible to ask us to change information, if you cannot change it yourself. Please file a request via info@grootgroenplus.nl .

+How can I order extra facilities, apart from furniture and catering passes?

Extra orders, ordering more square meters or adding a combination participant can be done using the participant environment or info@grootgroenplus.nl. You will always receive a response.

+How do I order furniture?

You can order furniture straight from our supplier. Order chairs, tables, counters, trashcans, bar stools etc. via their digital catalogue.

+What catering options are available, and how can I order these?

Our caterer provides catering services at the trade fair. You are not allowed to make your own catering arrangements.

+Up until when can I order extra facilities or square meters?

For all requests up until 1-9, regular rates apply. For all requests between 1-9 and 30-9, we charge 150% of the regular rates. Requests made during the construction phase of the trade fair are charged at 200% of the regular rates. After 1-9, no extra orders can be guaranteed.

+Up until when can I register?

You can register as long as the registration form is available online. The confirmation you receive will indicate if you are registered as a participant, or if you are on the waiting list.

+I am on the waiting list, what does that mean?

This means that the trade fair was completely booked at the time you registered. We cannot guarantee a spot during the next edition; however, we will do our utmost best to provide you with one. We will contact you automatically if a spot frees up.

+When do I receive the invoices for my participation?

We will send the invoices for advanced payment in May. These request an advance payment of 20%. The participants will receive an invoice for the remaining 80% at the beginning of August.

+Can I cancel my participation?

In case of cancellation at least three months before the start of the exhibition, the participant is obliged to pay 20% of the rent as compensation (this amount is the same as the registration fee); in case of cancellation at least two months before the start of the exhibition, the participant is obliged to pay 50% of the total rent; in case of cancellation at least 1 month before the start of the exhibition, the participant is obliged to pay 75% of the total rent as compensation; in case of cancellation within 1 month before the start of the exhibition, the participant is obliged to pay 100% of the total rent. 3. Additional costs, related to the rent and made by the Foundation, need to be fully paid by the participant at all times.

+What does ‘own booth’ mean?

By default, every booth has walls and a carpet. If you want your own walls and/or flooring, this is called ‘own booth’. Please mention this on your registration form, so that GrootGroenPlus will not place walls in your booth. You need to present your stand design including measurements via info@grootgroenplus.nl for approval. This must be done before 15 August.

+How high is a wall in a booth?

We have selected aluminium profiles with cherry wood panelling of 2.5m high, and a dark green contrasting wall of 3m high, with the GrootGroenPlus logo on it. The panels cannot be moved or painted and cannot be used to nail or screw things on. If walls get damaged, you will be charged for these. The organisation can provide you with special s-hooks for free. If you do not want any walls, please let us know. If the walls need to be removed after the layout has been created, you will be charged with the extra costs.

+What is the maximum floor load?

According to the supplier, the maximum floor load is 450 kg per square meter. Damages caused by overloading will be charged to the person who is responsible for overloading.

+Do the booths come with carpets?

By default, every booth is decorated with anthracite carpet tiles. After the trade fair, the carpet must be clean. Any repairs or cleaning costs will be charged to the participant. If you do not want any carpet, please let us know. If the carpet needs to be removed after the layout has been created, you will be charged with the extra costs.

+How can I find out the shape, place and number of my booth?

Prior to the trade fair, you will receive an overview drawing of the trade fair, including a detailed drawing of the booth you rented, and the provisional stand number.

+What are the construction, decoration, and deconstruction times?

Prior to the trade fair, you will receive a letter regarding the construction, which mentions the times scheduled for you to construct and deconstruct. Upon arrival at the site, you can show this letter to our staff and go to the location intended for loading/unloading. You can only come here if you have this letter, and you will only have one hour to unload. You will have 4 days to construct your stand, but outside of the period mentioned in the letter, your vehicle is not allowed on the terrain. Deconstruction does not start prior to Saturday. Any companies that have urgent reasons to deconstruct on Friday evening after 20:00 must get permission from the organisation in advance.

+What is included in the fee for the stand?

Rate per m2 is excluding vat, including walls, carpet tiles, free coffee and tea in the stands, free wiFi, indirect basic lighting, attribution on the website and an unlimited number of online visitor registrations.

+Are my materials insured at the trade fair?

According to the general terms and conditions, you are responsible for the materials in your stand in case of loss, damage, and theft. You are advised to take valuable items with you if you leave your stand, or hide them very well.

+How can my colleagues and I get entrance tickets and parking permits?

Parking tickets, participants badges including cord (max. 2 per stand), information regarding the deconstruction, and the emergency plan can be requested from the organisation during the construction period. As soon as you have finished constructing your stand, please notify the organisation.

+Is there any room to store materials?

We do not offer room to store materials or empty crates/racks. After the construction, you need to take those with you.

+When does the official opening of the trade fair take place?

On Wednesday morning the trade fair will start at 09:00.

+How can I register a novelty?

Up until 01-09, you can register a novelty using the registration form of the website (link). The form includes all details and regulations for registering.

+If I try to register, I can enter some requests. What does this mean?

This means that we try to take your requests into account as much as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that all requests are fulfilled. No rights can be derived from submitting a request.

+I cannot seem to log onto the participant environment?

Please contact us via info@grootgroenplus.nl or file a request to receive your data again.

+Is it possible to advertise on the LED-screen?

This year, participants can also advertise via the LED-screen. The central square will feature a large video wall, which allows visitors to follow everything that is going on. It will also show short videos on interesting subjects. Between those videos and live video, we offer you room to advertise. The LED presentation is divided into moving images and cable news, which is why we can offer you two options: 1) Moving image or image presentation on your company or product, 20 seconds. 2) Moving image or image presentation on your company or product, 30 seconds. Your video message will be displayed during three days, at least 7 times a day.

+Is it possible to advertise on walls?

During trade fair GrootGroenPlus, it is important to appeal to your target group in the right way., given the fact that this is the place to be for growers, traders, manufacturers, suppliers, trade visitors and trade press! This year, we want to present you with another opportunity to attract even more attention to your business, service, and product, by using advertising walls. We can offer you both a basic and a deluxe version. These advertising walls will be placed alongside a number of routes, for examples in walk-through areas, in front of restroom trailers, and in connecting halls. You can find more information in the participant environment of the website. You can get the most out of the advertising walls if they are used by participants; in that case, visitors can make an appointment or request more information at the stand of the participant. However, GrootGroenPlus also offers non-participants the opportunity to rent a deluxe advertising wall. The costs for this add up to €825 excluding vat, including placement. If, after you have placed your order, you decide to participate after all, we will of course adjust the paid amount to the rate for participants.

+Would you prefer renting a ready-made stand?

This year, we offer 3 packages for stands, which include all decoration. More information on these 3 packages can be found in the participant environment or participation form.

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